Mitsubishi BM09DF Monitor

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Mitsubishi BM09DF Monitor


Mitsubishi BM09DF CRT Monitor

Mitsubishi BM09DF monitor Specifications: Display size: 9-inch monochrome CRT monitor:

1, CRT (cathode ray tube) size 9 inches view angle of 90 degrees Neck Diameter 20mm color: amber-proof standard: T-Band standard;

2, BM09DF analog video signal input (n) 0 - 2.3V line step mode horizontal sync, TTL digital signal (positive polarity) vertical sync field step, TTL digital signal (positive polarity);

3, BM09DF scan frequency line frequency field H = 24Khz frequency V == 50.5Hz;

4, BM09DF video display size horizontal 160mm +/- 3mm vertical 110mm +/- 3mm;

5, input supply AC100-230V (50 / 60Hz); 

6, BM09DF VIA standard signal input connector 10 PIN EDGE

alternative solution

Mitsubishi BM09DF LCD Monitor

Mitsubishi BM09DF LCD Monitor port 

The products for industrial liquid crystal display for Update replacement 9-inch M3,M310,M520,M500,M50,E60,M64,M64S,C64 CNC system used in the system (MDT962B-1A, BM09DF, MDT962B-4A, MDT947, MDT947B-1A, MDT947B-2) BM09DF single amber CRT type kinescope display (part corresponding to the factory model is FCUA-CT100)
9-inch Related models: MDT962B-1A, BM09DF, MDT962B-4A, MDT947, MDT947B-1A, MDT947B-2B